Aligne is a highly configurable, flexible and modular multi-commodity software solution suite that integrates trading, risk/control, credit, fuels procurement, emissions compliance, back-office, treasury/finance and senior management information needs. It leverages an advanced integration framework to efficiently move data between functional components and facilitate integration both within the suite and between the suite and a customer’s other software systems.  The result is cohesion for agile business decision making across operational and financial transactions of all kinds for energy commodities, emissions, freight, heat, weather derivatives, metals and foreign exchange markets.

Aligne provides comprehensive front-, middle- and back-office capabilities for commodity transactions to help users streamline operations and achieve greater control. Aligne helps customers to quickly adapt to business change by easily adding new slices of pre-integrated business functionality. Components may be combined to support business requirements specific to utilities, traders and producer/marketers, LDCs, pipelines, storage operators, midstream gas companies, and large industrial consumers.  Real-time alerts, messaging and dashboards help traders and mid-office personnel to make informed decisions faster while maintaining the financial precision required for reporting. 

With Aligne, you can:

  • Simplify trading for energy commodities, weather, emissions, heat, freight, metals and derivatives
  • Capture physical and financial instruments for multiple commodities
  • Support long-term and real-time trading and scheduling with one resource
  • Perform straight-through processing from deal capture to scheduling
  • Manage A/R, A/P and all economic aspects of a deal including brokerage/third party fees
  • Calculate market-to-market positions in real-time across organizations
  • Meet current and future regulatory requirements, such as those imposed by FAS 133
  • Aggregate and analyze historical and interval market data from multiple sources 

What We Offer

  • Aligne For Energy Financial Traders

    A multi-commodity software solution suite that helps financial traders participate in the market for both speculative and hedging purposes supported by the ability to transfer complex risks for price, time, volume, counterparty and weather.

  • Aligne For Energy Physical Traders and Marketers

    A multi-commodity software solution suite that provides physical traders and marketers with better access to sources or information, more reliability in supply and more effective asset management.

  • Aligne For LDCs, Pipelines and Midstream Gas Companies

    A multi-commodity software solution suite that helps LDCs, pipelines, and midstream gas companies meet the challenges associated with being a pipeline transporter, gas purchaser, gas marketer and gas trader.

  • Aligne For Utilities

    A multi-commodity software solution suite that helps utilities streamline processes, utilize real-time information with aggregated, timely access for decision-making, and integrate business processes to provide better controls.

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